Sunday, 8 May 2016

Developing Landscapes

An art project I participated this Spring had an exhibition opening yesterday in Pump House Gallery, London.

The project was called Developing Landscapes. We visited various development sites in South West London over a six week period and painted changing landscapes. Documentation of the project can be found on Instagram.

Here is one wall from the exhibition, my work in the bottom right corner, one of the numerous 'crane paintings' I did (sorry about the reflections).

And here is another wall, my monochrome work in the middle (top right), a pile of dirt and a construction site.

I don't have a proper photos of most of my work since I left the originals to the wonderful artists, Ali and Seb, who were the originators and organizers of the project, but below is of my water colour works from North Street Mews featuring an abandoned Mongolian Race car. This one is in the exhibition too.


  1. What a wonderful news, congratulations, Sasa! May this art journey lead you to new projects! Good luck!:)

  2. I would love to see your drawings closer.:)

  3. Hey! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. How strong is your watercolor. Perfect!. I like the white area on red.
    All this work very vibrant in the eyes!
    I want to see more ... if possible :)

  4. I see how you dripped water on the color. Beautiful effect!
    (I copied Rossicka and left two comments ) :)

  5. Super, Sasa. You are doing so well.